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Refurbishing your bathroom can be exciting. In particular it brings a fresh new feel to your home. In addition, if you have put a lot of thought into the design of your bathroom. It can be incredibly rewarding seeing your dream design come to life.

The Leicester Plumber provide some of highest quality bathroom fitters Leicester has to offer. We understand the importance of quality workmanship when it comes to bathroom design. The tile work, painting, carpentry, fixtures and fitting all must receive significant attention to detail.

Our team also appreciates the importance of our clients feeling comfortable with The Leicester Plumber prior to agreeing to move forward. Therefore we suggest that we have a consultative conversation to discuss your design and budget. Our team can provide some valuable input into what we have seen working in the past and offer suggestions to help bring your design to life.

Lastly we provide a free and transparent estimate outlining exactly what the work will cost. Therefore if you are searching for ‘Bathroom Fitters Leicester’ look no further than The Leicester Plumber.

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Bathroom Fitters Leicester
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Bathroom Fitters Leicester

Top Tips From The Leicester Plumber

Refurbishing your bathroom or washroom is a big undertaking.  There is a lot of thought that goes into choosing the design of floor tiles and wall tiles.  As well as what fixtures and finishes to use.  That’s before any of the work starts.

To help you successfully plan your dream bathroom.  We have compiled a list of our top tips for when considering a bathroom refurbishment.

Plan The Bathroom Layout

The main reason for this is cost. If you plan in advance, you can check and double check that you have the design plan you are sure of. As a result you can then accurately plan costs. Once your plan is in place, then stick to it. If you chop and change later on, theis can add to the cost of your bathroom refurbishment.

Get The Opinion Of Your Bathroom Fitter

Once you have an idea of the design you would like. It is worth getting a second opinion from your bathroom fitter. They can advise issues you may not have considered. For example electrical, plumbing and ventilation considerations that we normally wouldn’t think of.
Bathroom & Shower Refurbishment

Choose Sanitary-ware Before Tiling Or Plastering

This is important, as different sanitaryware may have different techniques of fitting it to the wall or floor. there fore best to check this before the work begins.

Reuse Fixtures And Fittings Where Possible

If you are refurbishing your bathroom on a budget. Then why not use existing fixtures and fittings. Your bathroom fitter can easily remove existing fixtures and fittings and store safely. Finally these can be reinstalled.

Don't Be Afraid To Try Different Brands

Another money saving tip from your bathroom fitter Leicester is to shop around for different brands of fixtures and fittings. The wall ties from one supplier and the floor tiles from another may result in you saving money on your bathroom refurbishment.

Keep The Design Simple

Simple can provide a cool minimalist feel. Equally so, it can save you money. Don’t go overboard.

Use Mirrors To Make The Space Look Bigger

Any interior designer will tell you a mirror placed in the right place can work wonders. Try it out!

Cover Up Pipework

Noone wants to see old pipes running along the wall. Speak to your bathroom fitter Leicester and explore what options are available to cover pipework. It may be easy to build a box around pipework which can be a neat additional feature.

Don't Forget About Ventilation

This is important. Particularly if your bathroom has no windows. Seek professional advice and don’t be afraid to spend the money. You don’t want a foul smell spoiling your beautiful bathroom refurbishment.

Make Sure To Include Storage Space

This is a major consideration when refurbishing any room. In particular your bathroom. What we suggest is to plan what you think you will be storing in your bathroom ahead of time and plan from there. Ask your bathroom fitter Leicester for tips.

Double Check Materials Are Suited To A Moist Area

If you are using wood products, wall panels or fabric based material be sure to check with the supplier or manufacturer that they are suitable for wet areas. This could really spoil the look of your work if not taken care of.

Communication Is Key

To ensure that your bathroom fitter Leicester brings to life the dream sign you had planned for your bathroom. Communication is so important. It’s important that the bathroom fitter fully understands your vision. Therefore we suggest that you have a thorough kick off meeting to discuss the design and be sure that they are fully aware of your expectations. 

From there communicating on a weekly basis and getting regular progress updates will keep everyone on their toes. Equally important is communicating promptly when discussing key design issues and not letting key questions go unanswered for days.

In the end if you put a thorough plan in place. Your bathroom refurbishment will be a success! Even more so if you work with the #1 Bathroom Fitter Leicester has to offer.

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