Boiler Service

Why You Need a Boiler Service

Boilers are one of the things that are overlooked for service a treated as ‘out of sight, out of mind’. Boilers are such an essential instrument for keeping water for our showers hot and making homes cozy in cold weather. It needs to be installed once, it’ll be perfectly doing its job, but its services shouldn’t be neglected as there are a lot of reasons why the boiler need service.

1. Boiler catches problems earlier:

The boiler is used regularly during winter, so the boiler can run into issues for everyday use if you don’t notice to care. If you get your boiler serviced at least annually, your engineer will identify problems if your boiler has any and guide about repair before any major damage. Any problem even it is minor, can result in huge damage if it is neglected and is not resolved in a timely manner.

2. Cheaper than boiler replacement:

Boiler service costs much less than replacing the boiler entirely after it breaks down. Regular service will keep the boiler running properly and makes it easier to fix issues timely. Therefore, your boiler will last longer and healthier than a boiler that isn’t maintained. Therefore, it is cheaper to keep the boiler healthy and well maintained by service at least once annually.

3. Saves money on bills:

Some people think that it’s just a wastage of money to get a boiler serviced. But this isn’t typically that case, as the engineer checks out any default and get it repaired timely. So a complete check to ensure efficient running will save money over time. The model of boiler determines how energy efficient it can be, but its proper service ensures improvement of energy usage no matter if it is gas, electrical, or oil boiler and subsequently you will have low energy bills.

4. Keep the boiler safe:

Apart from the efficient working of the boiler, the service of the boiler ensures it’s working safely. It is noted that many people get affected by carbon monoxide poisoning and have symptoms like headaches, nausea, breathlessness, dizziness, and sometimes collapse. Carbon monoxide is released if the gas boiler gets any damage. So it is better to get rid of these issues by getting the boiler properly serviced at least once in a year, for better protection of your family. So get your boiler repaired before any seriously lethal effects.

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5. Help you to stay under warranty:

Once you buy a boiler, it is under the guarantee of the company, for a couple of years. But it is applicable when you get your boiler serviced at least annually. If you don’t service your boiler for more than a year this may ruin the warranty, and if it breaks down, you can’t claim for repair. So check warranty conditions and if it is mentioned for annual service, make sure for its service.

6. Insurance coverage:

Most of the insurance companies require you to take appropriate measures that make sure that your boiler is safe for usage. The policy requirement is to ensure annual boiler service for keeping your expensive and potentially liable boilers safe. So check out for insurance policy, the agents will advise you for the extra steps for proper application of policy. Service will make the boiler clean and subject it to inspection and resolve the issue if any.

7. Providing a warmer environment:

Having a reliable boiler provide essential hot water. So, it plays a vital role in providing your family with a smoothly running job. So you rely on the boiler in the cold season. If you get your boiler serviced at least at the start of autumn when it is usually seen that boilers are turned on in this duration. So service will make sure that your boiler is working efficiently, out of any danger. Service will make the boiler work properly without any extra expenditure of energy and time.

8. Reserves saving:

While service, the boiler’s water leakage is checked so that any leakage is detected timely and gets repaired. Hence, excessive water loss is prevented in form of leakage. Also, the boiler is checked for any gas or oil leakage, and hence energy reserves as saved. Also, any loss of health is prevented.

Troubleshooting for not servicing boiler:

There are a lot of problems that may be faced for not servicing the boiler:

  • There may be gas/oil or water leakage. If gas is leaked from the gas boiler, it may pose lethal effects on life.
  • More electricity/oil/gas is required for proper functioning.
  • It may produce unusual sounds.
  • There may be any problem with the heating system and it’ll no more make water hot.
  • With water leakage, there may be a loss of water pressure.
In the end if you still need help, do not hesitate to call The Leicester Plumber.  Our professional plumbing service has extensive experience with boilers and we are confident we can easily fix your problem.
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Money Saving Plumbing Tips

Money Saving Plumbing Tips

Plumber unblocking toilet

Sadly summer is over, and we are now well on our way towards the winter season. i can safely say that noone wants any expensive plumbing problems during the winter. Plumbing problems are more likely to raise their ugly heads during the winter due to low temperatures. Equally so with Christmas coming up there are other things we want to be spending our money on.

We have come up with a list of money saving plumbing tips.

If you follow this plumbing advice and put it into practice. Not only will you save money but you are more likely to avoid any costly plumbing problems this winter.

Plumbing Tips To Help You Save Money

Check For Leaky Faucets

This may spound like a minor plumbing problem, and to an extent if it is fixed at the time it is. However if you leave a leaking faucet unchecked it can cause some unwanted problems. If the leak is dripping onto tiles it may cause the erosion of caulk and grout and if this continues it can lead to water damage. For example water can leak through ceilings and onto the floor. If you happen to have a blocked drain, the build up of water may cause your sink to over flow. Dripping water can also cause a stain in your sink or bath!

These all cost money to fix not to mention an increased water bill due to water dripping unnecessarily.

Is Your Toilet Leaking?

You may not even notice this one, but your cisternm could be leaking water and because the water is running into the toilet many people never notice the problem. if you are not sure if you toilet is leaking add some coloring to the water in the cistern. Wait for 1 hour and if the coloring has made its way into the toilet then you know you have a leak.

Check Infrequently Used Drains

Do you have a number of drains that you dont often use or haven’t used in a while? It may not be a bad idea to flush some water down the drain. Moitor the drain to ensure the water flows away properly. Its a good idea to do this onece or twice per year. If the water drains slowly then you know you have a drain problem and may need to unblock the drain.

Clean Out Your Gutter & Downpipes

If you are like me, you probably haven’t checked your gutter in at least a year or two. If that is the case we recommend cleaing out your gutter once per year. Moss and wildlife can build up in a gutter that has not been attended to in a while. This blocks the gutter and prevents water from being drained away properly. if left for a significant amount of time, debris, moss and clay can build up adding a significant amount of weight to the gutter. This can cause structural damage and cause you to replace part of your gutter.

Check Exposed Pipes For Signs of Leaks

This is an important plumbing tip, particulary if you live or work in an older building. Old pipess may have shifted over the years or incurred some damage. Therefore we recommend have a quick look and check all exposed pipes and in particular the joints of the pipes.

Insulate Exposed Pipes In Uninsulated Spaces

Going into winter when temperatures drop, exposed pipes can be at risk to freezing. When pipes freeze the water inside expands and causes the pipe to burst. This can lead to serious water damage and ceilings and floors may need to e replaced. Therefore werecommend ensuring that your home is insulated where ppoosible and the temperature maintained above 12 degrees celcius. You may want to pay particular attention to pipes in the attic.

Plumbing Tips That Will Save You Money

The final plumbing tip that we have for you is to call The Leicester Plumber. We have a team of professional plumbers at hand that have the tools and experience to treat any plumbing issue.

Plumbing tips to save money

Call The Leicester Plumber today for a free no obligation quote.

Why Is My Hot Water Running Out So Fast

Why Is My Hot Water Running Out So Fast?

Are you thinking there is no way you could have used all the hot water? Or perhaps you turned the hot water on 30 minutes ago.

Well unless you have been using more than normal or left the hot water tap running then its quite possible there is a hot water problem that needs investigating.

3 Most Common Reason Why Hot Water Runs Out Quickly

Sediment Build Up In Your Tank

As water is heated dissolved minerals such as magnesium and calcium precipitate and are deposited at the bottom of the tank, creating a layer if sediment.

As time progresses sediment can take up a lot of space in your tank limiting the amount of hot water it holds. Hence why the hot water runs out quickly.

If this is happening you may notice visible sediment in the water or unusual sounds coming from your tank as well as hissing or leaking from your TPR valve.

Faulty Lower Heating Element

Most electric water heaters have two heating elements. One on the bottom which does most of the work. Cold water enters the bottom of the tank and the bottom heating element heats the water which then rises to the top.

The top water heating element maintains the water temperature at the top.  Therefore if the lower water heater is faulty then you will notice a considerable drop in the water temperature.

This can be caused by a build up of sediment, a faulty thermostat or an electrical wiring problem.

hot water heater

Damaged or Broken Dip Tube

The job of the dip tube is to push the cold water in the tank to the bottom of the tank. When this tube is not working properly then the cold water stays at the top.

The problem with this is, the hot water rising to the top then mixes with the cold water reducing the over all temperature of the water tank. This means that when you turn on the hot water tap, the water will be cooler.

Does Your Heater Need Replaced

This may be the news that you do not want to hear. It costs money and requires a plumber to come into your home and carry out some maintenance work. However, especially if you live in a older home then it may be the reality.

But how do you know for sure that your heater needs replaced?

The typical life span for a water heater is 10 – 13 years. Some gas heaters may be less where you can get 8 years out of them. If you are unsure we recommend checking the serial number and check if the date of manufacture is printed on the heater. You can also call the manufacturer with the serial number and they can inform you of the year of manufacture of your water heater.

Buying A New Water Heater - What To Consider


Water Heater Providers offer a range of warranties for water heaters. These can range anywhere from 2 years to 10 years. While most people never have to use their warranty, we still recommend getting a longer warranty if you can. Water Heaters are expensive and given that they are used regulary and are so important to your household its definitely worth a longer warranty. Particularly if you own your own home.

Anti-Scale Devices

Mineral build up can cause damage to your water heter. One way to avoid this is to use an anti-scale device. But how does an anti scale device work I hear you say?

The device creates movment of the water at the bottom of the tank and with the water moving mineral build up is less likely. Over time this prevents sediment from building up and causing damage to your tank. An anti-scale device is not the be all and end all.

There are many other reasons why your tank may become faulty over time. Therefore if you have a good water tank and a long warranty then there may be no need for an anti-scale device.

New hot water heater

Ceramic Enamel Lined Tank

Tanks that are lined with ceramic enamel can have there life span greatly extended. This is because the lining slows down the corrosion of the steel tank and extends its lifespan. it is not absolutely necessary, however it is worth weighing this up against the length of the warranty etc.
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Fuel Type

Your choice of fuel type will depend on your property. Many city properties use gas and electric water heaters while more rural properties and older city properties use oil heating. All have many advantages and disadvantages over each other.

Which will offer different levels of efficiency, environmental impact and convenience etc. This is a whole other subject matter which we will not get into here, but definitely worth considering.


Whilst the obvious choice sometimes is to go for the lowest cost or most efficient heater. Many people forget to consider whether the size of your water heater is fit for purpose. If you have a family of 6, have you considered whether the water heater is big enough to offer enough hot water during peak times.

Energy Efficiency

This really boils down to cost. You want a water heater that will do its job efficiently, whilst not burning up too much energy and burning a hole is your pocket at the same time. Each water hheater will give you its energy efficiency and it is worth paying close attention to detail when reviewing this.

Need A Plumber To Fix Your Hot Water?

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