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Heating & Boiler Repair Leicester - Reliable & Affordable

Do You Need A Plumber Who Can Get To You Quickly? Who Can Carry Out An Effective Job? Clean Up After Themselves? And Guarantee Their Work?

Searching for ‘Boiler Repair Leicester? The Leicester Plumber is one of Leicester’s leading plumbing and heating companies. We offer a professional and reliable service.  We get the job done right the first time and treat your home or business like it was one of our own. 

We have been in the plumbing business for over 20 years and know what we are doing.Particularly when it comes to central heating repairs and boiler repairs. 

All our work is guaranteed for 12 months, therefore if you have any follow up questions or queries do not hesitate to give your heating and boiler repair team a call.

Boiler repair leicester

Searching For ‘Boiler Repair Leicester’?

Our team of plumbers and engineers have extensive experience working on all major boiler brands.  We understand common problems with each different brand of boiler. Equally so we understand what’s required to fix these many problems.  We pride ourselves on a professional service from our initial conversation to the site inspection, installation & boiler repair work as well as sign off.

All our plumbers and engineers are fully qualified and Gas Safe registered. Therefore you can trust that you are in reliable hands who can carry out the work safely.

Searching for ‘Central Heating Services’

The Leicester Plumber services and repair hundreds of central heating systems each year. This may include minor jobs such as bleeding a radiator. Alternatively it may involve replacing a radiator or installing a new valve.

Regardless of what the issue is. We have the experience to quickly identify what the problem is. Finally we carry out efficient and tidy work to get your central heating system back up to working order again.

Call The Leicester Plumber today for a free consultation.

Boiler Repair, or get a new one?

You may be wondering, can I have my boiler repaired or should I get a new one?

The answer to this should be fairly straight forward, but it depends on a few different factors affecting your boiler. For e.g. the age of your boiler, how efficient it is, and what is actually wrong with the boiler. To determine this you are most likely going to need the help of a plumber. The Leicester Plumber has extensive boiler experience, from servicing boilers to installing a brand new boiler. We are also familiar with all the major boiler brands therefore you can trust that we know what we are doing when it comes to your boiler.

New Boiler Installation

Lets say your boiler breaks down. It has completely stopped working, and when you inspect your boiler you realize it over 10 years old. To get your boiler back up and running again may cost a few hundred pounds. Given its age, who knows you may run into new problems in the not too distant future. This could add to more boiler problems. If this is the case then we recommend buying a new boiler. A new boiler comes with a warranty, therefore you are unlikely to have any major problems in the short to medium term future. Als, taking into consideration the age of your current boiler, you are likely to gain cost savings due to the better performance and higher efficiencies of a new boiler. Therefore whilst a new boiler may cost a lot of money, it may save you money in the long run.

Boiler Repair

On the other hand, let’s say you have a fairly new boiler and it stops working. For example the hot water may stop working. The likelihood is that there will not be a major problem at the back of this. Often once your plumber checks out your boiler and heating system they are quickly able to determine an easy fix. In this scenario, we wouldn’t recommend getting a new boiler. But instead, we would recommend having your boiler fixed by a qualified plumber.

Better yet, we recommend that you regularly have your boiler serviced. A boiler that is serviced regularly is less likely to break down and more likely to last for much longer. A regular service means that your boiler will run well and more efficiently saving you money on running costs. Not to mention avoiding costly breakdowns and servicing.

The first step is to call The Leicester Plumber. We can advise you on what the best course of action is. When an easy service or more complex repair. And if we truly feel you need a new boiler we will be honest and transparent about why we think that. There are numerous sources online advising on what are the best boilers from a cost and efficiency perspective.

Therefore you do not need to worry as there are lots of options to suit the needs of your building. We can advise as best we can and then help you have your boiler installed.