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We recommend you service your boiler once per year. Not only does this keep your boiler in good working order. Your warranty likely requires you to service your boiler and keep it in good working order. Lastly your insurance policies require a regular service of your boiler.

Save Money - Keep Your Boiler In Good Working Order

Here at The Leicester Plumber our team of plumbers and gas engineers have serviced thousands of boilers over the years. Regardless of whether it is a gas boiler, electric boiler or an oil boiler we have the tools and the experience to complete a fast and efficient boiler service. Not to mention the professional customer service.

Does The Cost Of A Boiler Service Concern You?

We understand that running a household or a business sometimes puts a squeeze on your funds. At certain times of the year another bill for a boiler service is the last thing you want or need.

We Offer Flexible Payment Options

1) One Off Payment
2) Repair and Contract
One up front payment, then monthly installments after that.

Our Boiler Service Includes All Major Boiler Brand Names

Alpha- Ariston- Biasi – Baxi – Chaffoteaux – Glow Worm – Halstead – Heatline – Ideal – Myson – Potterton – Ravenheat – Savio – Sime – Stelrad – Vaillant – Vokera – Worcester …

Valliant boiler service

Boiler Service Leicester

All Our Plumbers And Engineers Are Gas Safe Registered

Being Gas Safe Registered means we are legally registered to work on gas appliances in your home or business. 

Hiring a plumber not on the Gas Safe Register to work on your gas appliances puts you and your family at risk.

You can learn more about the Gas Safe Register Online.

Why It Is Important To Have Your Boiler Serviced?

Boiler servicing rarely crossed people’s minds. It’s one of those things that are overlooked. People don’t have the time to book the service or they just forget about it. Some also claim that the service is unnecessary. Whatever your reasons may be, here are some reasons why you should have your boiler serviced.

Identify problems early

Most of us use hot water every day, not just in the winters. However, we tend to forget that. So, there is a chance that by running boilers every day, you are incurring some problem. But you might only notice it during the winter times. Having your boiler serviced repeatedly means the plumber can identify the problem early. They can also then repair them immediately. When the problem grows, it becomes more difficult to fix it. Sometimes, it can lead to a complete breakdown of the boiler, which only adds to the cost.

It’s Cheaper Than A Replacement Boiler

Servicing your boiler will, in most cases, cost you less than replacing the whole thing. Regular checks and maintenance will help the boiler run smoothly. It will be less likely to break down. A healthy boiler will last longer and will not have frequent breakdowns. Therefore, it is best to get it checked instead of waiting for it to show signs of breaking down.

Save Money

Sure, when it comes to boiler servicing, you will have to pay some money. However, this is cheaper than replacing the boiler. The engineer will check out your boiler during the servicing to ensure that it is running smoothly. This also means they will determine if it is using energy efficiently. In the long run, this will help you to save on fuel costs. It will keep the energy bills low, which can be a bonus for you.

Keep Your Home Safe

Not only does servicing determine if the boiler is running efficiently, it can also ensure that it is running safely. Every year, people die of carbon monoxide poisoning. The symptoms such as nausea, dizziness, and headache are all common symptoms. So, it becomes difficult to identify the source. However, when you service your boiler, it can give you peace of mind that you and your family are safe. Repairing the boiler early can save lives. Not doing so can seriously affect the health of everyone in the house.

Under Warranty

If your boiler has a warranty, you can get the service done for free. However, there are some terms and conditions you should check when you are calling in the engineers for servicing. Mainly, the time elapsed since you bought the boiler. Most companies allow a 12-month warranty. However, if you have gone beyond that, you will have to pay the company in full. So, choose wisely.

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In some countries, it is the law to have the boilers serviced. So, if you are a landlord, you have no way around it. Even if you are not, you are still required to do so. It’s best if you avail the service as it can be very beneficial.

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