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We are a leading plumbing and heating company who have been serving Leicester for over 20 years. As a result we have built an outstanding reputation and solid customer base. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority along with providing a professional service and value for money.

Finding reliable local Leicester plumbers can sometimes be a challenge. We ensure that all our plumbers are fully qualified and meet our high expectations. Friendly, professional and skilled tradesmen are what makes our plumbing business the go to plumbing company for many of our customers. 

We don’t go home until the job is completed safely and meets the customer’s expectation.

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If you're looking for local Leicester plumbers then give us a call at The Leicester plumber!

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Gas Work

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Our Local Leicester Plumbers Are Gas Safe Registered

Why is a Gas Safe registered plumber important?

Gas is a high risk substance. Therefore all gas appliances and piping must operate safely. When work is being carried out on gas appliances it is important that you have someone who is qualified to do the work. That is why the Government introduced the Gas Safe Register.

The Gas Safe Register is a register of all the plumbers and engineers in the United Kingdom who have legal permission to work with gas appliances. If you require plumbing work done on your gas appliances then it is advisable that you hire a plumber who is registered on The Gas Safe Register.

If your engineer or plumber is Gas Safe registered then you know that they are legally permitted and competent enough to work safely with gas. Ensuring gas work is carried out safely is absolutely critical and can help to save lives.

Plumbers in Leicester Then and Now

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Fully Qualified Local Leicester Plumbers

When our local Leicester plumbers enter your home or business. It is of the utmost importance that they carry out the work safely and to a high standard. Therefore it is our responsibility at The Leicester plumber to ensure that all our plumbers are fully qualified. 

When we bring new plumbers into our business we ensure that they have got all their relevant City & Guilds and NVQ plumbing qualifications. We then provide further training to our plumbers to ensure that the work to the high plumbing standards that our company follows.

We treat every home and business like it were one of our own. We take pride in our work and value our customers’ feedback. If you are looking for local Leicester plumbers, do not hesitate to give us a call.

Local Emergency Plumbers - Available 24/7

When Should I Call An Emergency Plumber?

Plumbing should be taken seriously. No one wants to cause harm to their property or cause a health and safety hazard. However, if a plumbing issue is left unattended it can have severe consequences. As a result someone can get hurt and you may be left with a hefty bill.

Emergency plumber
If you suspect any of the following, don’t wait. Give us a call.

A Leaking or Burst Pipe

Leaking water can cause significant damage. Secondly, if left unattended it the problem will only get worse. Turn off the main water supply immediately and call your local Leicester plumbers

Blocked Drains and Risk Of Flooding

A blocked drain is a huge pain. Again, if left unattended you are asking for problems. A blocked drain can causing over flowing in a bath or sink when the water is left running. Water spilling out onto the floor can cause significant water damage. Particularly when it is on the second or third floor.

No Hot Water or Heating

If your hot water or heating is not working properly, there could be a number of reasons.  Often it is down to poor maintenance. Subsequently if a proper service is not conducted then the result could be an expensive replacement of plumbing equipment.  Even worse in the winter it could increase the risk of pipes freezing over and pipes bursting.

Even if you are not sure whether to call a plumber.  Call The Leicester Plumber anyway.  We can advise you on what action if any you need to take.

'Leicester Plumbers' - Only The Best Plumbing Solutions

Do you want the plumbing solution that will get the job done right? Do you want the job completed with the least hassle and disruption? And of course, you want the best value for money? 

Look No Further Than The Leicester Plumber

We are your local Leicester plumbers that put the customer first! We believe that the long term success of our business depends on delivering the best possible solution for our customers today. If we feel the job can be easily fixed without expensive repair work then that’s what we will do. If it will require more work than what you were expecting we will be completely transparent about that also. We work with our customers to investigate all possible solutions and let them choose which one they would like to move forward with. We look at all options and advise you on which one is best for you.

Call The Leicester Plumber today for a trustworthy reliable service!

On Call For All Your Domestic Plumbing Needs

Thinking of replacing those taps that have been in your bathroom for years? Could you be getting more value for money from your boiler? Should you get the shower drain unclogged? Why is the radiator cold in the living room?

These are just some of the many plumbing questions our customers ask. And to be honest, the same questions don’t always have the same answers. Regardless of the question or answer the Leicester Plumber have the tradesmen and tools to find a plumbing solution.

plumber fixing the sink

We can replace those old rusty water taps. Yes, we can service your boiler so that it is much more efficient. Shower drains are no problem. The cold radiator in the living room? We will find the source of the problem and have it fixed.

Our team of friendly and professional plumbers have seen it all. Give us a call today for a free quote!

Commercial Plumbing - Are You A Landlord Or Property Manager?

landlord services

Do you require a safety check or survey carried out on one of your properties? Perhaps your buildings plumbing appliances need serviced?

Regardless of the job, our plumbers have experience working on commercial buildings and understand the plumbing components of a commercial building inside out. Whether it’s a new construction project or an existing building please give us a call.

Our local Leicester plumbers are actively working on industrial buildings, hotels, schools, office spaces and more.  For more advice if you are a landlord visit Landlord Today.

Ongoing Plumbing Maintenance

Service your boiler once per year. We know that your boiler is not going to be your number one priority. However if you make the commitment to have your boiler serviced once per year. We promise it can make a huge difference in the long run.

Don’t put grease of oil down the drain. We get it, you want to clean the dishes and be done as soon as possible. But if you pour grease and oil down the drain, over time it will build up. Ultimately you are going to have a plumbing problem on your hands. So just don’t do it.

One of the most common household plumbing problems are blocked showers and sinks. This is due to all sorts of debris being drained through your pipes and over time this builds up. Therefore we recommend using a strainer on your sinks and showers. They will filter out any hairs and loose particles. Allowing you to have blockage free drains.

Know where your mains water valve is located. Emergencies do happen and if you have a leaking or burst pipe the last thing you want is your property being flooded. Knowing where the stop valve is located could help save you from significant water damage. In the event of a water leak emergency, the first thing you should do is turn off the mains water supply.

Tips From Your Local Leicester Plumbers

So Plumbing Is Not Your Area Of Expertise, Right?

So What Can You Do To Help Avoid Plumbing And Heating Problems?

Commercial buildings that are ten years or older can be prone to unforeseen plumbing problems. This is largely due to typical wear and tear of plumbing parts and equipment. For example a worn out seal can cause water to leak. If this is left over time then the water damage can be costly. However, if regular plumbing maintenance is carried out. Consequently you can avoid these problems.

Here at The Leicester Plumber we recommend that you carry out regular plumbing maintenance work. Not only does this avoid damage to your property. Ultimately it will increase the longevity and efficiency of your plumbing equipment.

If you would like to schedule regular maintenance give us a call today to arrange an appointment. We are confident that we can help you and your business.

Plumbing maintenance

Prevent your plumbing from freezing over.

Once winter arrives, temperatures can get pretty icy. Therefore we recommend being one step ahead. Any pipes that are exposed to colder temperatures it is advised that you insulate these. Particularly where pipes may be located in external walls or exposed in the attic.

Leicester Plumbers - How Do I Bleed My Radiators?

Is one of your radiators not working or is only partially heated?

If so and the rest of your radiators are working fine. The chances are that your radiator need to be bled.

Bleeding a radiator is a process where you let the air out that has become trapped inside your radiator. Its more common with un-vented heating systems. Trapped air creates cold spots and prevents water from heating your whole radiator.

Fortunately you can bleed radiators all by yourself. You just need a a radiator bleed key and a towel or cloth. Take the radiator bleed key, and insert this into the bleed valve located on the side of the radiator.

central heating radiator

Carefully turn the valve a quarter turn anti-clockwise. If air is in the radiator it will begin to make a hissing sound. Hold the bleed key like this until all the air is out.

Once all the air has escaped water will bubble out of the valve. At this point turn the bleed key to close the valve and use the towel to clean up excess water. If you need more help, check out this tutorial video.