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Got A Water Leak Or Burst Pipe?

A burst pipe can be a serious problem. It can cause extensive damage to your property if left unattended to. 

Firstly there are a few steps that we recommend you take immediately if you discover a burst pipe.

What To Do When You Have A Leaking Pipe:

Turn Off The Mains Water Supply

leicester plumbers fixing a burst pipe

This is priority #1. This will stop the supply of water into your home and stop the flow of water escaping from the pipe. Your stop valve will be located under your kitchen sink, in front of your property, or perhaps in another cupboard below the stairs or in the utility room.

Place A Bucket Below The Leak

If possible place a bucket or container below the burst pipe. You don’t want any more water leaking onto the floor and spreading through your property. Causing unnecessary damage.

Turn On A Water Tap

Even though you have shut off the mains water supply there may still be water in the pipes. By turning on a faucet you are reducing the amount of water in the pipe that could potentially leak where the burst pipe is located.

Clean Up The Water

This may sound like an obvious one. However if you let the water lay on the floor, it may spread to the floor below or be absorbed by furniture. This could cause further damage and cost you money.

Turn On The Heat

Increasing the temperature will help to evaporate any damp in the floors, ceiling or furniture.

Open The Doors And A Window

Ventilation will also help to evaporate water from the floor, ceiling or any furniture.

By taking all these steps you greatly reduce the chance of further damage due to a burst pipe.  Next you need to call a plumber.  The Leicester Plumber is available 24 hours a day in the event of an emergency.  We have highly trained plumbers that can identify where the leak is, assess the damage and what needs to be done to fix the problem.

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How to Repair a Burst Pipe

Water pipes can burst for several reasons. You cannot always be sure of how or why. Once they do burst, they can cause damage, which requires intense repair. Sometimes, it’s best to call in a professional. Other times, you can easily make it into a DIY project.

Temporarily Fixing The Pipe

Shut off the valve

The first thing you will do is turn off the valve that monitors the water flow to the damaged pipe. This will help to prevent the water from flowing through the pipe and leaking all over your room.

Put in a pipe repair clamp

Based on the instruction given on the packages, you can put in a rubber sleeve over the leak in the pipe. This should hold the leak for a day or two until you can develop a more permanent solution.

Permanently Fixing The Pipe

For a more sustainable solution, you will have to explore other options. This kind of repair involves cutting out the damaged parts and replacing them. For this, you might need copper pipes, a tubing cutter, and straight couplings.

Shut off the valve

This is easy enough to do. Turn off the valve that controls the water supply to these pipes. You might have to turn off the main valve in your house.

Cut off the valve

This might be necessary as you have to get to the damaged part of the wall. This will also be messy, so you should prep the area with drop cloths. It will make it easier to clean the mess. Then, using a utility knife, just cut along straight lines.

Cut out the damaged pipe

Cut out the pipe by making 2 cuts on either side of the leak. You can use a small tubing cutter or a metal-cutting blade.

Apply Flux

You should apply flux on the pipe ends and use wet sandpaper to polish the cut ends and refine them.

Test the coupling

After polishing the coupling, you should slide it onto the pipe. You will have to ensure that it holds

Solder the coupling

Solder the existing and replaced pipes. You should begin with the top and then move to the bottom. Allow the pipes to cool and then turn the water back on. While you are doing this, you should make sure you have a fire extinguisher with you. At the smallest incident, you can easily blow out the flames before they cause damage

Repair the wall

Once the leak is fixed and the wall has dried out, you should replace the wall you removed earlier. Just put in woodblocks so that you can nail the wall easily. And you are done!

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